preloading survey

In many instances loading operations commence immediately upon the vessel's arrival, so that there is no time for the ship's personnel to inspect the cargo prior to it being loading.


Further, the ship's officers probably will not be familiar with the systems of marking and identifying the various parcels of cargo which are involved, as such systems vary from port to port.


In consequence of the foregoing it has become customary for shipowners, managers and/or charterers to appoint a competent local surveyor, experienced in pre-shipment survey work, to inspect cargoes prior to their shipment and during loading.

Our experienced team performs pre-shipment cargo condition survey of all types of cargo. After completion of the survey we give suitable descriptive clauses relating to any visible damages of goods, physical defects, structural abnormalities that might be construed by third parties as defects which occur after shipment.


Our surveyors are sufficiently competent to have their terms of reference extended, if necessary, to permit intervention with reference to stowage problems and any other subjects giving rise to disputes which may develop during the course of loading.