Whether loss prevention measures for your project cargo are to be monitored or certified by our expert or a complex cargo damage or collision needs to be investigated - we will tailor our services to your requirements by combining our quality and best price guarantees with our traditional, professional and reliable service in order to meet today's commercial demands.

marine surveying

We offer P&I surveys, H&M surveys, commodity and pre-loading surveys over the full range of cargoes with tons of experience in regard to heavy lift and general cargo vessels, jack-up barges, tankers and bulk carriers.


claims adjustment

Once the surveying of your particular case has been accomplished it will become necessary to adjust the claim.


We assist our clients with a broad expertise and help to settle or recover a claim.


loss prevention

We analyse the transport chain of your commodity in order to evaluate and assess the potential risks.


Once these risks are spotted we will take appropriate counteractive measures to make the transport a success.

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